In the “Vigilia” series, I utilize female figures found in prehistoric sculpture and painting, including the “Venus of Willendorf” and Cycladic figurines. By repeating these archetypal images, I investigate how our perception of a woman’s place in society can change as timeless figures are repeated in different groupings and are expressed in new contexts and mediums. I make use of red wine–a ubiquitous but symbolically rich material that references fertility, divinity, death, and rebirth through its historical and contemporary roles in mythology, religion and ritual.

To keep vigil is a traditional role of women in cultures throughout the world. We keep vigil over our community, over the young, over those who are ill, and over all those who need our protection and care. We hold vigil for those who are journeying, and those who have passed on. We keep vigil in prayer, in ritual, and in protest.