In Memoriam, Pere María Orts i Bosch

“I would like to take a moment to remember my great uncle Pere María Orts i Bosch, who passed away last week in Valencia, Spain. My “tío abuelo” was a renowned scholar on the history and language of Valencia, and a limitlessly generous individual. He amassed an enormous art collection with the sole purpose of donating it to the city of Valencia. In 2004, he donated over 300 works to the Museum of Fine Arts San Pio V, including paintings by Sorolla, Zuloaga, Rusiñol, and Murillo together with important works of decorative arts and furniture.

He was also very supportive of my own artistic career. His encouragement was especially meaningful to me because he frequently remarked that he disliked almost all contemporary art but that he genuinely liked my work very much. I will miss him greatly, may he rest in peace.” –Victoria Febrer