V. Febrer:<i>A Sense of Place</i>

Victoria Febrer. Untitled Pilgrimage, 2013. Red wine (vinography) on wood panel with wax finish, 32 x 48 in.

Victoria Febrer’s latest solo show in New York City will take place at LICMarket, from August 27th – November 11th.

Febrer’s vinographs (printed with red wine) in this series on handmade paper use the repetition of five iconic forms: poppies (symbols of the Greek goddess of fertility and the harvest), wheat (another symbol of fertility and the harvest), The Venus of Willendorf, a Cycladic figure of a standing woman, and two female figures from a prehistoric painting in Cogul, Catalonia, Spain. With these symbols she creates a controlled minimalist lexicon. Through the repetition and arrangement of this alphabet she explores ideas of power, fertility, solitude and the absurd.


Aisha T. Bell
excerpt from
V. Febrer: Vigilia, published by the Universidad Rey Juan Carlos, Madrid, 2013.)