“Flight of Memory” by Victoria Febrer & Pedro J. Padilla selected as finalist in <i>Digital Graffiti</i> Festival

Victoria Febrer & Pedro J. Padilla. “Flight of Memory”. 2012

“Flight of Memory” a project I created in collaboration with filmmaker Pedro J. Padilla, has been selected as a finalist in the Digital Graffiti Festival in Alys Beach, Florida.

Exploring the way in which memory selectively simplifies and reduces the features of those places that are recalled, this piece conjures the image of a seascape from memory, bringing it to light through the flight of a flock of seagulls. As the birds approach the viewer, rather than obstructing the view of the sky and the sea, they illuminate and reveal it. A peaceful seascape emerges from the void with each beat of the seagulls’ wings, visible for only an instant. The image that comes to light is not real, but instead imagined and remembered, exploring the experience of recollection by investigating how memory reduces the features of a landscape to their most basic elements and how these simplified elements act as a stimulus for recalling places both visited and imagined. Only glimpses of the seascape are revealed as the birds fly by, allowing the viewer to transform and color the vista with their own memories and transporting them to a place existing only in memory.

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